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Felix and Philo Circus Company

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Felix and Philo Circus Company

Felix and Philo Circus Company

We, Felix Greif and Philomène Perrenoud, are a multi skilled circus duo, graduated from DOCH (Dans och Cirkus Högskolan) in Stockholm in 2018. Since then we travel with our teeterboard, working with different projects and companies such as Cirkus Cirkör, Circus I love you, Circus Monti, Cirque de Loin, and our own show Red Pants. 

Our skills include: teeterboard, trapeze, hand to hand, tight wire, high wire, perch pole and acrobatics. 

We believe that circus can be a sustainable and happy way of living, and that everyone can enjoy it without needing previous knowledge. Our goal is to spread circus, and joy! 

Felix and Philo Circus Company

Felix and Philo, Red Pants

We made our own indoor and outdoor show "Red Pants""and tour it since summer 2021.

Felix and Philo, Circus I love you

We started a new show 

“I love you two” 

with Circus I love you in spring 2022.

Fleix and Philo, Böoom, Circus Circör

We are currently performing for Cirkus Cirkör in their show


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Felix Greif
Rosenobelstr. 3

88662 Überlingen, DE

+49 163 692 7142

Felix and Philo Circus Company Red Pants