Red Pants

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"Red Pants" is a 30 minutes circus show that can be played outdoor as well as indoor. Dynamic and poetic, it is suitable for all audience and will without a doubt please the whole family. 

In "Red Pants", Felix and Philo invite you into an acrobatic journey full of daredevil rituals, impossible equilibriums, self-created music, but also humour and poetry.


The stage is arranged and rearranged, each object becomes a circus opportunity and with every minute comes a new surprise. Together, they build their way towards the grand finale, their passionate number on the teeterboard, where they fly and flip through the air!


Pictures by Einar Kling-Odencrants

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Felix Greif
Rosenobelstr. 3

88662 Überlingen, DE
+49 163 692 7142

Felix and Philo Circus Company Red Pants